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This weekend is going to be all about the ballet, long dog walks, sunshine, good people, great coffee, no politics, reading, wearing shorts because Jesus Christ global warming it’s like the middle of summer here, poetry, cake, cage wrestling because I kind of made a … Continue reading Love

It’s over

The thing about holidays is that you get into long lazy mornings, longer lazy afternoons, every day feels like Sunday, the bed gets warmer, the couch gets cozier, the sex gets better, everything becomes quiet, languid, slow, no structure, no order, just a delicious sense … Continue reading It’s over


This morning I woke up in an inexplicably good mood
Found lots of granadillas in full bloom on my tree
Walked around the hood listening to Carole King
Said hi to a gorgeous bullmastiff puppy
Said hi to his owner too
The barista gave me a free coffee
A woman complimented me on my dress
I wrote this love poem
And sometimes
you just know
it’s going to be a fabulous day

Good morning!