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Supermoon snacks

shout out to everyone

who did a moon dance

under the Supersky

then ate three Super Spur burgers

under the Supermoon

because they were super hungry

polished off every single last chip

and smoked a foot long super cigarette

glowing in the  moonshine

then danced to bed

s l o w l y

c o n n e c t e d.

Goodnight moon.

Goodnight moon




Forget stockings and suspenders
Forget fishnets
And lipstick
Forget little black dresses
And French underwear
Forget them all.

Bring on the apron
The black over the neck apron
The tied around your waist no frills apron
The old apron
The one that smells of butter
and chocolate
of caramel
and vanilla
The baking apron
The killer apron

The look at me now apron

Add a rolling pin
A wooden spoon
A bit of frosting

And a bottle of champagne.

It’s the best kind of apron.

The fuck me now apron.



The end

This morning I ate too many donuts
and I knew I would feel like dying
and now I feel like dying
but hey
what’s this
a mad desire
a longing
a craving
and passion
so good
so sweet
one more
and then
okay then
I’m ready
as expected



I have just eaten a meal that was so perfect;  oysters, blood beetroot, vine tomatoes, roasted shallots, garlic, fennel, freshly picked rocket, baby spinach, burnt brinjal, caramelised shallots, onion soubise, figs and cheese and oh my god a pinot noir to die for and cognac and more cheese and now we’re going to have roasted peaches with creme fraÍche and another cognac and everything is out of order but so damn good and life is about taste, explosion, adventure, experiment, drinking beautiful wines, being daring and having the biggest most wonderful insatiable never ending appetite.

That’s it.

Life is all about appetite.

Love is too.




I’m all about food at the moment which isn’t sex but it can be because last night I had a starter that was salmon and beetroot and orange and each morsel kind of made my mouth explode and it felt like angels fucking on my tongue and I know that’s what people say about oysters but the combination, the freshness, the deliciousness, dear sweet gods I had to squeeze my legs together and stop myself from having an orgasm right there and it was good and also so sad that the pork belly for main disappointed and goddammit that the dessert was not good either and sex can be like that too.

Starting with such a flourish, and ending so limply…